M.I Abaga Claims That He Never Wanted To Be A Rapper

The popular African award winning music Rapper M.I Abaga makes it clear that he didn’t ever want to become a rapper in life.

He revealed this during an interview in Jos, the Choc City Boss said that all that he wanted was to be able to feed and care for his family.

“As long as I can feed myself, take care of my family and be happy, I’m a very private person.

M.I who is lately moving into movie industry said he don’t believe acting is for everybody.

“I want to approach it from a production standpoint. I’ve been a fan of movies, although never wanted to enter as an actor.

With my skill set, I need talented directors, writers and support them . We have an exciting script and it’s going to be a movie that everyone would want to watch” he explained.

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